Sabaeek Al- Hadeed 132/33 kV Substation

This is a steel factory project, 132/33kV Air insulated substation (AIS), this project is a turnkey project, which means that all mechanical, Electrical, and Civil works are done by Fectum company.

Project Information
  • Owner: Sabaeek Al-Hadeed company
  • Location: Sulaimany / Iraq
  • Type: Factory
  • Status: Under Construction

products provided for this project:

  • 132/33kV, 45MVA Power Transformers &33/0.4kV, 250kVA Auxiliary Earthing Transformer
  • 132kV Outdoor Switchgear
  • 132kV Transformer Feeders
  • 132kV Bus Coupler Circuit
  • 132kV Voltage Transformer Bay
  • Busbars, HV Connections
  • (Clamps and Fittings)
  • Steel Structure
  • Earthing and Substation Building Lightning Protection System
  • Neutral Point Equipment

Neutral Point Equipment:

  • 33kV Neutral Point Equipment
  • 33kV Switchgear (9 panels)
  • 33kV 3Mvar, 50Hz, Y-Y (net) Open Rack Capacitor Banks
  • MV Cables, Cable Terminations
  • LV Cables, Terminations and Cable Trays
  • LV AC, 110VDC System, 48VDC System and Diesel Generator
  • Relay Panels
  • Control Panels
  • Interface and Signalling Panels, Marshalling Kiosks, VT Boxes
  • Metering Panels
  • Other S/S Auxiliary Equipment and Accessories

 Works have been done for this project:

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Testing