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working closely with our customers to set up alternative power sources, stepping in to operate (where necessary), and maintain the equipment.

  • Engineering Design, Consultancy and Solutions
  • FECTUM provides generators as well as low and medium voltage
  • power station, substation, Medium, and high voltage equipment’s

The Company was established in the year 2009 by Eng. Zhyar Ahmed (Under the name of ZMA company) has 11years of experience in the relevant field. This idea comes from the previous vision that we can do this better and more successful in quality, engineering, and effective cost. Since then, we have grown to become one of the leading providers of electrical equipment to the region, setting ourselves apart from our competitors. We continue to meet and exceed our customers› expectations..

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We give you some reasons to choose our company for your projects and works, rather than our competitions.

  • 01 We have a Professional Team ?

    A Professional team of engineers and technicians will Design and manage our Projects, We take care of everything behalf of you and your company.

  • 02 Your Privacy is our top concern.

    Trust has always been the foundation of how our company work with clients. Without trust, we are unable to do our job. We know that Some companies worried about their privacy todays now, We give your our trust.

  • 03 Protecting Your Reputation?

    Businesses around the world see reputation damage, We will amplify your reputation through our Partners by offering top brands and high quality products for your projects. this will give you and your company a high reputation score.

  • 04 Our Products are Risk free ?

    The Products which will offered by our company has a Strong warrantee, which protects the products you bought from us, Your Products and infrastructures will be maintained by our Professional team which collaborating with Manufacture team directly.



FECTUM company are Design, Engineering, supply, Electrical implementation works, provides power station, substation, Medium, and high voltage equipment's, generators low & medium voltage Fectum Company is aware of offering it's customers the highest quality of electrical and customer services.


We Provide Professional Design Service for Large Projects


Our Company Provides Electrical implementation works


Supply Electrical Equipment's for your Projects

Power Station

Provide Power Station for Large end Enterprise projects

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We are drive by innovation, and we enjoy exploring smarter BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solutions and advice that help our clients to achieve success. Our Values are a solid foundation upon which we build our success as individuals and as a Company. Upon being awarded a contract, the Company will set up an effective management and supervision team that is structural in such a way to support the specific Project. The project team will be made up of technical and management resources within the Company to provide the necessary skills required at each stage of the Project.


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Latest Projects

Some of our latest Projects done by our Company.

Iraq Gate Project

This Project Built on 285,000 m2 of land contains numerous residential buildings, Towers and commercial towers…etc.

  • Iraq / Baghdad
  • ALMCO Group / Baghdad gate For Real Estate Investments Co. LTD
  • Completed
132/33 kV Sub Station

This Project on of the giant substation in the area, 189 MVA.

  • Mousl / Iraq
  • MOE
  • Completed
33 kV Line, Abdulla Sabri-Chwar chra Sub Station

This Project is one of the Sub Stations in Sulaimany city, and FECTUM does the following design, materials, and works

  • Abdulla Sabri Sub Station, Sulaimany/Iraq
  • Ministry of electricity MOE
  • Completed


Meet our professional team, Fectum company team has been made by a professional staff in all Electrical fields.


Our Company received many certificates and Reference letters, you can browse latest certificates bellow.

ISO Certificate 9001-2015
The Global Standards
  • Type: ISO Certificate
  • Issued Date: 2020-12-04
ISO Certificate 14001-2015
The Global Standards
  • Type: ISO Certificate
  • Issued Date: 2020-12-04
ISO Certificate 45001-2018
The Global Standards
  • Type: ISO Certificate
  • Issued Date: 2020-12-04
Chewi Slemany Certificate
Chawi Slemani for real estate company
  • Type: Reference Letter
  • Issued Date: 2020-11-11


Most popular Frequently Asked Questions, which asked by visitors.

  • How can I contact you?

    You can contact us through our website usin Contact Form , or through visiting our offices in the addresses bellow.